Thermal Treatment

Robinson Fans
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Heavy Industry Fans for Thermal Treatment and High Temperature Products Applications

Carbon Products:

Robinson Fans offers several high-temperature-use fans for the carbon baking process and for the production of products related to the carbon baking process. Whether for the production of electrodes or to provide combustion air for your process, Robinson Fans will provide options for, engineer and manufacture air moving equipment according to your specifications.

Robinson’s experience and technical expertise enables us to provide equipment for process of temperatures of up to 2100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Thermal Treatment:

Robinson Fans’ tradition of excellence includes its participation in the thermal treatment market. Our experience in the market includes the design and manufacture of air moving equipment for furnace air recirculation, waste heat recycle, annealing, thermal oxidizers and other process applications.

With the capability to design and manufacture equipment for processes up to 2100 degrees Fahrenheit, Robinson Fans is a leader in technological innovation.