Robinson Fans
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What is ME'ScopeVES Modal Analysis Software?

ME'ScopeVES, which stands for Mechanical Engineering Oscilloscope - Visual Engineering Series, is a post-test analysis tool that allows the user to observe, analyze and document the static and dynamic behavior of machines and mechanical structures, in our case, fans, of course! ME'ScopeVES displays spatially acquired vibration, flow, acoustic or other engineering data on a 3D model of a test structure or measurement surface.

ME'ScopeVES allows the user to import multiple channel time or frequency domain data and display time-based or frequency-based operating deflection shapes (ODS) and mode shapes of the structure in animation directly from the experimental data. The experimental data may come from Robinson’s Field Servicemen using the latest CSI 2130 and 2140 vibration analysis equipment. The lab uses Data Physics Quattro Signal Analyzer’s for generating Impact Bump Testing data in our Zelienople, Florida and Salt Lake City facilities.