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Robinson’s Field Service Team

Robinson’s Field Service Team of experienced technicians addresses a wide range of post-shipment issues including; installation, diagnosis, improvement and repair for virtually every industrial application. Our field engineers and technicians are committed to providing efficient and effective solutions and are equipped to service or repair air moving equipment of any kind regardless of size, application, or manufacturer.

Our field service technicians analyze equipment problems on site, work with the customer and, when necessary, Robinson Fans’ engineers to develop a solution and ultimately facilitate the implementation of that solution.  Robinson service technicians utilize state of the art equipment, such as shaft laser alignment equipment, portable vibration analyzers and multi-channel data acquisition systems in support of your equipment installation or in the analysis of equipment issues and upgrades. 

Robinson’s Field Service Team offers multiple services including:

  • Pre-Grout Inspection;
  • Commissioning Service;
  • Field Balancing;
  • Field Air Performance Testing;
  • Fan Troubleshooting;
  • Maintenance Seminars;
  • Equipment Inspections;
  • Installation supervision

Should you have questions about Robinson's additional service capabilities or would like to schedule a Robinson visit to your site, please contact our Field Service Department at 724-452-6121 for more information.