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Repair and Rebuild Services

Robinson Fans was an early entrant into the market of repair and rebuilding industrial fan equipment. For many years Robinson recognized the cost effectiveness of remanufacturing a piece of equipment utilizing original components, if possible, to help reduce the capital cost to the customer. Over 100 years of engineering design, laboratory testing, and research as well as first class manufacturing enables Robinson’s after market group to repair any of the fan equipment in your plant whether originally supplied by Robinson Fans or a competitor.

Spare parts are always recognized as a necessity to minimize down time and increase plant efficiency. Robinson can supply spare parts for any of our custom engineered equipment, regardless of age, and if possible will incorporate any new developments into the part. Robinson normally supplies a list of commissioning and stocking spare parts as a part of our quotation.

Repairing and rebuilding worn or damaged original fan equipment takes top priority at Robinson Fans. We understand the down time due to fan failure means lost production revenue. So, repair/rebuild jobs are moved quickly through the plant. This is why Robinson maintains a dedicated group of repair and rebuild specialist on our RAPID Response Team who focus solely on the need requiring remanufacturing so that the critical lead times can be closely managed by a group committed to turning your repair/rebuild project around in the shortest possible time.

Robinson repairs and rebuilds all types, models and designs of air moving equipment, particularly if the fan is of an older design. Robinson will offer design changes to existing installations retrofitting a new design that may offer improved efficiencies in energy use and fan performance.

Upgrading fan equipment has proved to substantially lengthen the life of the unit, reduce energy cost, all at significant cost savings when compared to a total replacement cost. In all cases involving equipment or design modification Robinson works within the parameters of the existing system considering weight, motor limitations and performance.

Robinson utilizes our AMCA accredited laboratory for lab modeling and testing of either scale model or production units as well as utilizing our capabilities for computer finite element stress analysis and computational fluid dynamics to ensure the most efficient design. Our manufacturing facilities in Pennsylvania, Florida, Texas and Utah are all equipped for after-market work.